Cygnet Folk Festival


Celebrating 40 years of the Cygnet Folk Festival

Saturday 7th May 2022
11am til midnight
Carmel Hall and St James' Auditorium - 25 Mary Street, Cygnet

Celebrating 40 years of the Cygnet Folk Festival!

Join us on Saturday 7th May in Cygnet as we celebrate forty years of the wonderful and iconic Cygnet Folk Festival.

The Carmel Hall and St James’ Auditorium will ring out with the sounds of some of our favourite artists featuring concerts, themed performances, a very special celebratory event all afternoon.

The concerts will continue in the auditorium late through the evening, while the Carmel Hall will become our wonderful session bar for the whole evening!

Featured artists include:

  • As the Crow Flies
  • Austral
  • Bruce Watson
  • Honey and Knives
  • Kavisha Mazzella
  • Makepisi
  • Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan
  • Shake Sugaree
  • The New Holland Honey Eaters
  • Voicestrings
  • Plus many more!

Tickets can be purchased via: