1kg Fresh Huon Salmon Fillet (Premium Grade)


1kg Fresh Huon Salmon fillet – Premium trim, with skin & scales on.

Our fresh salmon fillets are a proud feature of our collection of premium salmon products. Offered here online from us at Huon Salmon, these premium grade salmon fillets are expertly selected and trimmed by hand to ensure they are of the highest possible quality.

Starting at a minimum of 1kg, our fresh salmon fillet is perfect to enjoy at home, as a whole cooked fillet or cut up into smaller portions to enjoy with friends and family. With the quality that we provide at Huon Salmon, you are only limited by your imagination. Look to our range of salmon recipes for ideas and inspiration (

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Huon Aquaculture

We like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to salmon and so we should, after all, we’ve been farming them for over 35 years.


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