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Established in 2002, Geeveston Archives & History Society (GAHS) is a self-funded volunteer community group. Our mission is to preserve, collect and display local history relevant to Geeveston and the surrounding area.

GAHS has been extremely fortunate to have strong community support, which in turn is very much appreciated by the active volunteers who work tirelessly to help GAHS succeed as a local history society.

Through the support of the Huon Valley Council, in their planning of a new community hall for Geeveston in 2008/9, the building plans included an office for the history society who in turn pay a 3rd towards the power costs. This space has proved invaluable as our permanent main hub for archiving and recording genealogy. As our collection grew, we desperately needed more space. Upon hearing of our plight, the former Geeveston District High School came to our aid in allowing us to use the former Schoolmaster’s House. Since 2015 we have been busily establishing a small museum to pay homage to our past and to acknowledge the present by displaying items that have been generously donated.

Over the years we have had many projects such as conserving the site of the Kermandie Pulp and Paper Mill, concreting under the Community Hall to allow for extra storage, self-published many booklets such as a Recipe Book, Signage for  guided of self-guided History Walks with accompanying booklets, Town Hall History, Nicknames, Oral History Interviews, Musical Afternoons, Market Stalls, Raffles, Open Days, Seniors Week Activities, Excursions, Extensive Genealogies, Public Talks, Assisted in the production of the DVD ‘Bringing the Statues to Life’ etc… with our most recent project being drafted for a Pioneer Memorial Path.

If you feel you have something to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us, there are many and varied ways in which you can help, and you do not need to be from the area, just bring your enthusiasm!


MEETINGS: 1st Saturday of every month (closed January)

WHERE: Schoolmaster’s House, rear carpark of Geeveston Primary School, School Road entrance.  Covid precautions are in place.

CONTACT DETAILS:  GAHS Secretary –, or by post GAHS, PO Box 18, Geeveston, 7116.

THURSDAYS: at the Schoolmaster’s House 11-1pm subject to availability of volunteers.

RESEARCH CHARGES: Initial general enquiry FREE, however, further detailed requested research rates is $10/hr or by monetary donation.

 Thankyou for taking the time to read what we are about, and we look forward to meeting you!

GAHS President 2021


Operating Hours

by appointment