A moment, a place


“A moment, a place” highlights the amazing flora and fauna, and at times, the intersection with human influence within the Huon Valley, by Franklin-based artist Daniel Rawlins.

10th May - 1st June 2022
23 Main Street, Huonville

ARTBOX and the Huon Valley Hub are proud to present… ‘A moment, a place’ by local artist Daniel Rawlins

In Daniel’s words:

I feel so lucky to inhabit such a diverse and relatively untouched part of our world. I hope that my artwork helps to highlight such precious moments, so rare in other parts of the world. I consider this series to be placed-based and a builder of community pride as well as an outward facing celebration of our beautiful country.

Daniel is inspired by local gifts of nature, intrigued by the behaviours of people and fascinated by the intersection between the two. Daniel paints stories of warmth, quirk and wonder. Moments often overlooked but deserving pause and thought. Memories of place and personality. Of interactions and happenings that surround us every day, emerging and subsiding without purpose or ceremony.

DATES: 10 May – 1 June
LOCATION: Huon Valley Green Space (ARTBOX) and the Huon Valley Hub – 23 Main Street, Huonville.

Dan will hold an exhibition opening on Saturday 14 May, 3.30-6pm at the Huon Valley Hub. 

For more information about ARTBOX, visit www.huonvalley.tas.gov.au