Best place to live in Australia

10 reasons the Huon Valley is the best place to live and work in Australia

Why is the Huon Valley the best place to live in all of Australia?

Ask any local from the Huon Valley and they’ll tell you why they wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else and that Tasmania is the best state to live in Australia. Those who have relocated from the mainland or overseas looking for a tree or sea change are especially content.

The Huon Valley is a stunningly beautiful place with lush green grass, forests, rolling pastures, and splendid seasons. It’s also a haven for wildlife, like the elusive platypus, and yet only a 30-minute drive to Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart.

There are plenty of reasons why the Huon Valley is the best place to live in Australia – just ask a local! Here’s out top 10.

Why is the Huon Valley Such a Great Place to Live?

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1. It’s so close to Hobart… but not IN Hobart

The Huon Valley is only 30-40 minutes drive from Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart!! This means that a commute to work in Hobart would be easy, and oh my the views along the way are amazing. Its also not far from some of Hobart’s top events and nightlife. Yet another reason the Huon Valley is the best place to live in Australia.

2. Easy access to Tasmanian wilderness – some of the best in Australia!

Like the idea of being able to escape to the wilderness for a few days anytime you feel the need? Well we have wilderness in spades! And some of it is World Heritage-listed! The Southwest National Park is accessible from a number of locations within the Huon Valley, as well as the Mount Wellington Range.

Truth is Tasmania has lots and lots of wilderness and you really don’t have to drive and walk far to find it. Some people even manage to buy their own bit of wilderness on their property.

3. Four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, AND Winter

The Huon Valley enjoys the full array of seasons, all with their own marvelous benefits and features. Autumn brings some most stunning arrays of colours across the forest and in the cottages gardens of the Huon locals.

Winter in the Huon brings spatterings of snow, some heavier than others, particularly if you live above 500m. If your property doesn’t feature snow it’s not far to drive to find some. Hartz Mountain National Park and Mount Wellington Range are great places to visit to get a snow experience. It’s not unusual every so often to get snow down to sea level which is celebrated all around with a ‘snow day’.

4. Affordable real estate with stunning valley and water views

No doubt you have worked out that property prices in the Huon Valley are more affordable than most capital cities and states of Australia. With the value of the property you’re in now you can probably get a few acres or a spot by the water in Tasmania and the Huon Valley.

5. The best views of mountains and waterways in Australia

The Huon Valley has beautiful rolling hills, stunning waterways, and an iconic mountain or two. All of these complement each other to make the most visually pleasing environment to be in. Sleeping Beauty is a locals favourite, along with Adamsons Peak. Hartz Mountain is also highly visible from most areas.

6. Teaming with native Tasmanian wildlife

Tasmania is known for its plentiful and unique range of native wildlife. The Huon Valley certainly shares that in amazing quantities.

  • Most locals will spot a Wedge Tailed Eagle flying overhead on a daily basis.
  • You only have to walk out the door at night to find yourself a Tasmanian Pademelon or Bennett’s Wallaby.
  • If you have a dam it is most likely you have at least one Platypus residing in there, and if it’s a big one possibly a whole family!
  • Most of us have a resident possum that comes to visit to see if we’ve left the garden gate or rubbish bin lid open.
  • Tasmanian Devils are definitely out and about in the Huon Valley, along with Eastern quolls and spotted-tail quolls.
  • Echidnas can be seen on roadsides, along bushwalks, and dotted in paddocks hunting down ants.
  • Although a little more elusive, you will also find Wombats, Eastern Pygmy Possums, Bats, Bettong, and Eastern barred bandicoots.
  • The Huon Valley has a large array of birds, ranging from Birds of Prey including Owls, Seabirds, Wrens, Swans, Ducks, Parrots, Cockatoos, Plovers, Ravens, and lots more!

7. Grow and buy amazing produce straight from the source

The Huon Valley has an amazing community of growers of produce but also home vegetable and fruit gardeners who are happy to share their bountiful excess in a farmgate stall for very affordable prices!

If you prefer you can always drop into one of the many local produce markets on the weekend! Where else in Australia is it so easy to get fresh, healthy food, at farmgate prices?

8. Great place to work from home, or remotely to anywhere in Australia

How important is it for you to have a good view out the window when your working? Or better still the ability to sit on the veranda and be inspired by the outside vistas? Imagine being able to walk out into on your lunch break, or maybe you can pick some lunch fresh from your own garden on the way past the chicken coop where you found a freshly laid egg.

As the Huon Valley is in the same timezone as the Eastern states of Australia (except for those poor Queenslanders when Daylight Savings comes around), it makes it the perfect place to work remotely, wherever your boss or your clients reside.

It’s only around an hour’s drive to the Hobart International Airport so occasionally commuting to the ‘big smoke’ is easy.

9. An arts community that rivals any in Australia

We have alot of talented and varying artists here in the Huon Valley! Is it any wonder with such a stunning and awe inspiring environment to live in.

With the major airport not far away in Hobart, it’s also easy to ‘pop away’ to a any of the mainland population centres for an exhibition, a show, or a major event.

10. Strong bush walking and hiking community

Their is no shortage of hiking tracks in Tasmania and the Huon Valley and you find a large percentage of locals participating on a very regular basis. It’s easy to get a local’s outdoor tip or even a friend for a walk.

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Best place to live in Australia

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