The best places to stay in Tasmania

No better place to stay in Tasmania than the Huon Valley

The Huon Valley in Tasmania is a picturesque and tranquil region known for its stunning landscapes, fertile farmlands, and charming towns. It offers a unique blend of natural beauty, local produce, and outdoor activities. Here are some of the best places to stay in the Huon Valley and the reasons why:

Why is the Huon Valley Such a Great Place to Live?

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  • Huonville: As the main town in the Huon Valley, Huonville is a convenient base to stay for exploring the region. It offers a range of accommodation, including bed and breakfasts, cottages, and farm stays. Staying in Huonville gives you easy access to local shops, cafes, and the Huon River, which is great for kayaking and fishing.
  • Geeveston: Known as the gateway to the Hartz Mountains National Park, Geeveston is surrounded by lush forests and offers a more rustic atmosphere. Staying here gives you access to forest walks, the Tahune AirWalk, and the opportunity to explore the local timber heritage.
  • Franklin: This historic village is situated along the Huon River and is known for its maritime history. Staying in Franklin allows you to immerse yourself in the village’s charm, visit local galleries, and enjoy riverside walks.
  • Cygnet: Cygnet is a vibrant town known for its artistic community, organic produce, and weekend markets. Staying in or around Cygnet gives you the chance to explore local art galleries, enjoy live music, and sample delicious local foods.
  • Ranelagh: This area is known for its orchards and vineyards, making it a great place to stay if you’re interested in sampling locally produced cider, wines, and fruits. It offers a peaceful rural setting while being close to attractions like the Home Hill Winery.
  • Dover: Located on the southern end of the Huon Valley, Dover is a picturesque seaside town. Staying in Dover allows you to enjoy coastal views, explore nearby beaches, and potentially spot marine wildlife.
  • Surrounding Farmlands: For a unique experience, consider staying on a working farm or a rural property. Many accommodation in the Huon Valley offer farm stays where you can learn about local agriculture, interact with animals, and enjoy fresh produce.

The Huon Valley is known for its natural beauty, artisanal products, and outdoor activities. No matter where you choose to stay in the Huon Valley, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the region’s attractions, enjoy its scenic landscapes, and experience the warm hospitality of the local communities.

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The best places to stay in Tasmania

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