ARTBOX March 2021- ‘Stay Hidden, Stay Still’


Mobile Exhibition Space that showcases Huon Valley Artists

28th February to 27th March 2021
Mobile Outdoor Exhibition Space
Loongana Park, Cygnet

Throughout March 2021 ARTBOX features ”Stay Hidden, Stay Still’ which features the beautiful illustrations by Margie Kirk, from her first book ‘Travelling Tasmanian Tigers‘ and upcoming second book, ‘Quoll and Quill‘.


The ARTBOX will be located in Loongana Park, CYGNET Sunday 28th February – Saturday 27th March 2021

“I started drawing Tasmanian Tigers approximately 25 years ago as I was quite fascinated by these animals,” said Margie. “This fascination now extends to all our beautiful native animals and I love drawing them.

“I was really inspired to write a book when I went to a local artist’s book launch… One night these words came into my head: ‘Dining with Devils at Dunally’.

“This simple idea formed the basis and I decided that the tigers would travel around iconic spots in Tasmania and meet up with other native animals. I started drawing with lots of passion and enthusiasm.

“My medium is coloured pencils and as enjoy the intensity you can achieve and also the textures by layering colours.”

Margie sent her illustrations and text to Forty South Publishing, who liked the idea and helped to create Travelling Tasmanian Tigers.

“The drawings and text went from cartridge paper drawings to a hardcover book and I will always remember the feeling of holding your book for the first time.

“Writing books has not been easy as I work and have a property to run and I am a single parent.

“The time I do get to spend writing and drawing does allow me to escape into a beautiful fantasy. It is great therapy and a takes me to a happy place.”

Margie said she feels great joy when people tell her that their child likes Travelling Tasmanian Tigers or grabs it from the shelf to read.

“I would love to see that it sparks interest in nature and Tasmanian wildlife and maybe [inspires people to become] a conservationist in their own backyard.

“Everything has to start somewhere. I feel we are so lucky to live on this island but our wildlife live here as well and some of our animals are endangered and need people to care.”

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ARTBOX is Huon Valley’s new and funky shipping container which acts as a travelling artwork exhibition space. The professional exhibition space has a large viewing panel for the public to view its displays and is lit up for part of the night (until 10pm). The aim is to promote Huon Valley’s professional and emerging artists and makers and supports community arts and culture projects