Billy Browns Falls, Judbury

In the hills above Judbury is the impressive Billy Browns Falls, a tall waterfall dropping about 30 metres over an unusually shaped multi-segmented drop. The falls usually have at least some water flowing, however during summer this flow is often reduced to an unspectacular trickle, making this a waterfall best visited after rain in the winter and spring.

Billy Browns Falls had been central in a fight to prevent logging in the West Wellington Area, but in 2013 was added to the Russell River Conservation Area. This has led to works to improve the track, including the addition of new signage at the start of the walk where previously the trailhead had been marked only with small hand drawn signs.

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Distance: 2.2km return

Suggested Time: 1 hour 20 minutes return

Difficulty: Grade 3. Some bushwalking experience recommended. The track has little signage and is not regularly maintained.

Facilities: For closest facilities see ‘Local Facilities Map

Access: 4WD advisable


Getting There:

From Judbury at the four-way junction take Judds Creek Road.  The road climbs into the mountains, deteriorating into a rough gravel track but remaining passable to 4WD or sturdy two-wheel drive vehicles.  After 12km you will come to a major fork in the road where you will see a sign on your right indicating the start of the walking track.

The first part of the walk ascends to the ridge and then drops steeply into the Valley.  It takes less than an hour for someone of moderate fitness to reach the Falls.  There are some slippery patches and strong shoes with good grip are recommended.  A highlight is the stand of giant Eucalyptus with an understory of mature sassafras and huge tree ferns where sunlight barely penetrates.


NOTE: The track is often muddy owing to the higher rainfall at 500-650m altitude. The track is not well marked so keep an eye out for changes in direction. Be sure to sign the visitors’ book at the start of the walk.


Plan ahead

Tasmania’s remote areas are beautiful however weather and track conditions can change suddenly. Mobile reception in many of these areas can be limited or non existent. These tracks are not Council owned or maintained.

Be prepared for the walk or activity. Plan ahead, bring enough water, check the alerts, and make sure you are comfortable with the difficulty rating.

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Billy Browns Falls, Judbury

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