Channel Counselling

Sometimes in life, we may need the support of others who can offer a new perspective of what we are experiencing.

Channel Counselling offers a holistic approach through two non-invasive therapies of Reiki and Reflexology which can offer the benefits of deep relaxation, enhances spiritual connection as well as fostering our own unique self-healing abilities.

Through a welcoming approach where a combination of therapies can be offered, as well as a confidential counselling service which is tailored to the client’s needs, can provide an opportunity for self-empowerment as well a catalyst for positive change for our daily lives.

So if you are searching for improved well being, or are curious about what these therapies have to offer, or perhaps require emotional support, please feel free to contact Julie at Channel Counselling for further information.





Gardners Bay TAS, Australia

Operating Hours

By appointment: Evening appointments available on request