Cygnet Riding Club

The club provides instruction and participation in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines, including training and education of horse and rider, dressage, jumping, working equitation, horse agility, groundwork and any other discipline of interest to its members. We hold instructional rallies, play days (ideal for green horses), and clinics with visiting instructors from both Tasmania and the mainland.

We have one large and one small riding/training area (each individually fenced), a large timber lungeing yard, 12 horse-yards, a clubhouse, and a float-parking area.

Equipment: Show-jumps, dressage arena surround and markers, and working equitation/agility equipment such as a pedestal, gate, bridge, flags, a tarpaulin and more.

Members have free use of the grounds and all club equipment at any time throughout the year.

Located at Cygnet Recreation Ground (behind the oval), off Guys Road, Cygnet.

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Cygnet Riding Club

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