Elsewhere Sauna

Elsewhere Sauna…is an artisan made sauna on wheels.

This all gendered communal bathing space rolls out each weekend to gorgeous ocean shorelines creating new local practices drawing on ancient sweat bathing traditions. A mobile healing space designed for you to deeply relax, soak in the elemental properties of the wood-fired steamy atmosphere, the sauna will be between 80-90 degrees. This type of warmth travels all the way into your marrow, melting the burdens of modern life… relax in the heat, then, cast open the door and make your way, squealing with joy to dip in the cool, fresh ocean water-body that skirts Windlass Bay.

Repeat the ritual.

To quench and re-mineralise your body, we offer a cool melody of seasonally foraged and dried botanical teas and invite you to seal it all in, treating yourself to an exfoliate scrub and face polish. Shed and let go, your skin will thank you for the simple earthy luxury. This is an invitation to take time – to love and tend to you.

A place for communal well-being. We offer 60 minute sessions, capped at 5 people per session. Book with a willingness to share with other guests, or book all 5 seats for a private experience. Sauna can serve as a meeting place for transformative conversations, come solo, bring a friend or gather in celebration.

With Elsewhere sauna, bathing is art.

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Elsewhere Sauna