Far South Fungi

Products and Services:


Huon Valley branded Souvenirs to help support fungi tourism in the Huon Valley

  • Mushroom Mirrors – a useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about fungi because it lets you see the underside of the mushroom and take a photo. Not only functional, the mirrors feature images of the beautiful fungi from the Huon Valley which makes a handy souvenir! A donation to Fungimap is made for each Mushroom Mirror purchase.


  • Fungi and Environmental Educational workshops – at low or no cost to community and non-profits, fees negiotiable for other groups. A variety of topics including mushroom identification, ecology, food production and gardening, animal interactions, photography and more.


About Far South Fungi

Since finishing a degree in Environmental Science, Heather Elson has developed skills as an environmental educator, working to raise awareness of fungi through writing media articles, guest speaking, and organising local events with the help of obliguing mycologists. Heather is also an admin for the TASFungi Facebook group and website since 2014, and Huon Valley Fungi Club on Facebook where events are promoted.

An interest in environmental science, education, photography and fungi, has led to working for natural history publishers, government archives, STEM education providers and herbariums. She hopes to use Far South Fungi as a way to continue to raise awareness about fungi to those who are interested!