Giant Tree Expeditions

Customised bespoke adventures in southern Tasmania to discover some of the world’s tallest, largest, and oldest trees.

Operating throughout southern Tasmania, Giant Tree Expeditions offer an exclusive experience in the Huon Valley and far south region. This expedition will take you to the massive river gorges in the farthest corner of the continent – ancient rainforests, immense trees, dramatic fire dynamics, a treetop walkway – via the apple orchards of the Huon Valley.


Our Story

Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness grew up between the coastal redwoods and the giant sequoia groves of California, studied forest ecology in the coastal rainforests near Seattle, and originally came to Tasmania to conduct the first on-ropes biodiversity surveys of the giant Eucalyptus treetops.

In the years since, he’s travelled 26,000km around India documenting trees as part of a Fullbright-Nehru Fellowship, conducted the first systematic measurements of the world’s broadest trees, climbed the world’s tallest flowering tree, mapped out Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb survivor trees, and clambered into the branches of a New Caledonian aracaurian pine. He has served as Field Editor and regular contributor to Asian Geographic Magazine, assisted international film documentaries, and founded Tasmanian Geographic.

Now returned to Tasmania, he is on a mission to champion the superlative Giant Trees of the island as globally recognised tourist attractions.

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Giant Tree Expeditions