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If you need help with your computer, Huon Computer Solutions will come to you, anywhere in the Huon Valley. Whether it’s a printer that won’t print, an internet connection that only likes to talk to itself, or any one of the million things that can go wrong with those crotchetty contraptions, we can fix it, or at least break the bad news gently and help you organise a replacement.

Paul Sleigh has many, many decades of experience with computers, both the hardware and the software sides.  He knows how to translate between the language of the geek world and ordinary people-speak.  With experience as an instructor, he can explain things in ways that make sense, and help you get back the sense of control you need to be able to work with those electronic monsters that rule our lives.

Available weekends and evenings, Paul will come to you, anywhere in the Huon Valley, and give you the help you need.

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Huon Valley, TAS, Australia

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Huon Computer Solutions

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