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Welcome to Ecological Elegance
Discover the convergence of nature and beauty at Lavender Goat Farm, nestled in the pristine southern region of Tasmania. We offer:

Workshops and Farm Visits: Learn, engage, and immerse yourself in our lavender world. Participate in our workshops, visit our farm, witness distillations, and join our events.
Sustainable Practices: We’re committed to your skin’s well-being and the planet’s ecology. Our eco-friendly, chemical-free approach ensures a mindful and holistic skincare experience.
Organic Lavender Skincare: Our skincare line, handcrafted with the finest organic lavender and botanicals, nurtures your skin with pure, natural ingredients. Experience the calming and rejuvenating effects of lavender with our range of products, from nourishing facial creams to soothing body lotions.
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456 Cygnet Coast Road, Petcheys Bay TAS, Australia

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lavender goat farm

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