Pure Tasmania Estate

What is now called Pure Tasmania Estate was once part of a much larger farm owned by the Kile brothers. This family at the turn of the century owned most of the arable land at Castle Forbes Bay and had the entire farm planted out with Apples.

Over the years the farm has been subdivided and now grows a wide variety of crops including a wide variety of Apples, Pears, Cherries, Blueberries and on Pure Tasmania Estate, Olives and Wiltshire Horn sheep.

As temporary custodians of this property we decided to change our focus to non-direct commercial growing of olives for olive oil and Wiltshire Horn sheep for meat, ewes and rams.

Our farm is a ‘no spray/no chemical fertiliser’ farm; for us this means we rely on sustainable growing practices. We do this by trimming our olive trees in small batches and waiting for our Wiltshire Horns to eat all the leaves before mulching.

Our olives are harvested in the middle of winter. Depending on weather conditions, this can be in late June to late July for the early varieties and mid-July to mid-August for later varieties.

Most of our lamb products, livestock and olive oil are forward sold on order. In other words, we produce ‘on demand’ and clients are encouraged to place orders on our website or call past the farm to discuss specific requirements.


27 Kiles Road, Castle Forbes Bay TAS, Australia

Operating Hours

By invitation