Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS)

The Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) is a free and confidential service for people of all ages who have been affected by any form sexual violence.

A SASS counsellor provides free counselling each Wednesday at the Huon Community Health Centre.

Additional SASS programs include:

  • support for people who are interested in applying to the National Redress Scheme for victims of institutional child sexual abuse. Our Redress Scheme Counsellor provides free support each Tuesday at the Huon Community Health Centre.
  • Primary Prevent Training workshops and programs for schools, workplaces, social groups, sporting clubs.
  • Social policy work to support and advocate for our clients, their families and support professionals.
  • A 24 hour crisis response, support and information service, which can be accessed by telephoning 1800 MYSUPPORT (1800 697 877) any time.

For more information or to make a referral contact: Phone: 6231 0044.


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Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS)

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