Social Work

We provide a welcoming, safe and confidential space for adults. We are part of the Tasmanian Health Service so it is a cost-free service.

We can support you by providing:

Confidential counselling/emotional support
Information about and/or referrals to other community services
Advocacy (helping people to have a voice to address their concerns)
Therapy groups and educational programs around chronic condition self-management and general health and wellbeing
Health coaching and helping people to manage their chronic conditions
We support people who are dealing with concerns such as:

Depression and anxiety
Loss and grief
Loneliness and social isolation
Access to services
Life changes
Elder abuse
Emotional trauma recovery
Chronic health conditions
Illness, injury and disability
We also work as part of a broader team of professionals who respond to local community events that require recovery. Community social workers in rural settings also participate in community development.