At THOUGHT-TANK our aim is to make things which are both useful and beautiful. We need to love the things we buy, and love to use the things we own. I love making beautiful things, and derive a great deal of joy and satisfaction from working with my hands. I prize my hand tools above all, and know that they will last for many generations. It is my hope, therefore, that our products will also be loved and cared for, and passed on to the next generation.

We like to use natural materials, particularly wood which is always either FSC or reclaimed. We also love to find new ways of using discarded or waste material, for example with our Champagne Cork Coat Hooks. Another feature of the THOUGHT-TANK ethos is the blending of natural materials with industrial ones. This approach mixes cold with warm, soft with hard, and new with old, and produces unusual products that fuse the traditional with the modern.

Many of our products relate to cooking and eating, and upon reflection I think this is because the kitchen, is truly the heart of the home. I believe food preparation and eating together, are important rituals which allow people to share stories, experiences & traditions, and simply to enjoy each other’s company.

We hope you enjoy looking around the things we’ve made and perhaps find something you feel would make a beautiful and useful addition to your home.

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