Yellow Boot Walk

The Yellow Boot Walk was installed by the Castle Forbes Bay Landcare Group.

Initially, it follows the waters edge from the parking area and past some saltmarsh (look out for herons and fish). The saltmarsh area – once full of crack willows and blackberries – is now being regenerated with native species.

The path then follows ‘old jetty road’ through coastal woodland with spectacular scenic vistas along the river, and wildflowers in spring and summer. Return on the same path back to the car or follow Meredith Road back out towards the highway via Castle Forbes Bay cemetery.

The Castle Forbes Bay Landcare Group gathers to work on activities such as the removal of weeds and the regeneration of native species, building and maintenance of the Yellow Boot Walk, maintenance of Castle Forbes Bay cemetery, annual Clean Up Australia Day and provides advice and help to new residents and other landcare groups. Join them at their working bees on the first Saturday of the month – 9am til 10:30am followed by a barbeque. For more information visit the website.


Distance: 1.9km return

Suggested Time: 25 minutes

Difficulty: Grade 1. Easy, level gravel track

Facilities: For closest facilities see ‘Local Facilities Map

Access: 2WD accessible


Getting There:

Turn off the Huon Highway at Castle Forbes Bay into the parking area opposite Crowthers Road. Park car and follow the yellow boot markers to enjoy this tranquil walk.


Plan Ahead

Tasmania’s remote areas are beautiful however weather and track conditions can change suddenly. Mobile reception in many of these areas can be limited or non existent. These tracks are not Council owned or maintained.

Be prepared for the walk or activity. Plan ahead, bring enough water, check the alerts, and make sure you are comfortable with the difficulty rating.

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Leave No Trace is an internationally accepted way of minimising your impacts on the places we visit. Respect wildlife, be considerate of others, dispose of your waste properly.


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