The Best Places to Visit In Tasmania

The Huon Valley really is one of the best places to visit in Tasmania, if not Australia. Around every turn you’ll find yourself in lush valleys, on winding roads hugging peaceful waterways or emerging into still spaces with mountains on the horizon.

Let the elements dictate your pace as you drive to Tasmania’s southernmost point, get out into the national parks or underground into limestone caves, or live the way the locals do in the villages and townships, spending time close to nature and enjoying the creative offerings from makers and growers.

Every stroll, bushwalk, ride, paddle or drive in the Huon Valley will be filled with scenes that seem like destinations – not just the single destination you thought you were heading for.

Each trip will take you past roadside stands, farmland, forests, gleaming waterways, beaches, villages, paddocks, orchards, and vineyards, providing you with space to stretch your legs and free your mind.

Here are the Huon Valley’s best places to visit