Milkman Clear Shave Gel


If you’ve got sensitive skin then you’ve come to the right place for shaving lubricants. Our range of soap-free options will actually moisturise & soothe the skin rather than dry out & irritate it.

By using this soap-free shave gel instead of a traditional shave soap lubricant, you’ll notice:

1) Your skin will feel soft and supple post shave, instead of tight & dry.

2) You can see exactly where you’re shaving because there’s no soapy foam to block your view. Perfect for lining up beards & moustaches, as well as clean shaves & head shaves.

3) It’s easy to apply, just dispense into your hand with the pump & wipe a slick of gel onto the shaving area.

4) You don’t experience any post shave irritation as the gel deeply hydrates the skin & protects it from razor burn.


Venus & Mars
Hair Stylists, Barbers and Beauty Therapy

Here you can grab time saving shave gear. Soap free shave gel that lets you see where you’re shaving, to our after shave serum, which acts as an after shave & daily moisturiser in one. We also have Beard oil, Beard Balms, Men’s Body Wash. Advanced Beard Care Kits, containing Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Shampoo + Conditioner, Beard Brush, Beard Scissors and Pocket Comb. MilkMan is an all Australian product.


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