Precision Hand Grinder 20g


A reliable and fast hand grinder you will be happy to use every day. Holds 20g beans and can be adjusted to grind from domestic espresso up to moka-pot, drip filter & plunger.

The Precision Hand Grinder utilizes stainless steel conical burrs with an easy to use stepped grind adjustment that doesn’t change until you want it to, making for consistent high grind quality and good grinding speed.

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The Beansmith

Founded in 2007 by Mechanical Engineer, Anthony Loberto, The Beansmith ethos is built around an unwavering focus on quality and a genuine commitment to old fashioned ideals of artisan craftsmanship, personal service and community.

We believe everyone is served well by a long term and sustainable approach in every aspect of our operation and that anything worth doing, is worth doing properly. That’s why we buy the best specialty coffees we can from our trusted coffee merchants. These coffees are ethically sourced and sustainably grown. The farmers care for the land which produces these beautiful coffees year after year and they are paid a quality based premium to ensure their efforts are rewarded.


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