Lunaris Gemstones

Gemstones, jewellery, mineral specimens, and fossils for sale include crocoite – Tasmania’s Mineral Emblem. We have a large range of Tasmanian gemstone jewellery – pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made from an unusual gem – purple and green stichtite in serpentine; as well as Buttongrass jade jewellery. The Lune region has gemstones (agates, crystals) and Jurassic plant fossils, featuring rare ferns and conifers. Our mine near Zeehan, yields Devonian trilobites, corals and brachiopods. We also have a range of facetted stones, both Tasmanian and overseas, as well as decorator pieces and fossils from around the world. Displays of locally found gemstones. A beautiful fluorescent mineral display is a delight for children. Fossicking information available.


175 Lune River Road, Lune River TAS, Australia

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Sunday to Thursday 10am - 4pm (closed Friday and Saturday)
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Lunaris Gemstones

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