Artists of the Huon

Celebrating the Artists of the Huon

'There are a lot of creative people in this area, but also a lot are interested in alternate lifestyles and just finding a place where the stress of modern life isn't so much."

The Huon Valley is home and an inspirational haven for artists from all around the world. Inspired and centered by the environment and community around them they cherish their time in the Huon.

Huon Beings

Huon Beings is a documentary series that captures the diverse stories of life among people living in the Huon Valley.

Created by Digital Arts & Cultural Development Officer Mick Lowenstein of Huon Valley Council, the series features interviews with people from all walks of life throughout the region, who have taken the time to share their reflections of place and people.

This film interviews a number of Huon Valley artists to explore why they live here and the benefits that living a rural lifestyle has on their creativity.

Check back here as well as the Huon Valley Council Youtube Channel for new films as they become available.

More on Artists in the Huon Valley

The following pages provide more information on the individual Huon Valley artists, including videos and blogs exploring their stories.

Artists of the Huon Valley

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Huon Valley A place that Inspires Creativity

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Artists of the Huon

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