Huon Valley ARTBOX

A moving artist exhibition

ARTBOX is a traveling exhibition space, promoting professional and emerging artists and makers from the Huon Valley. ARTBOX supports community arts and culture projects in the Huon Valley, and also provides opportunities for regional and remote communities in the Huon Valley to experience and engage with arts and culture.

ARTBOX was the brainchild of a member of the Huon Valley Council’s Arts and Culture Committee, and was developed with the help of a Tasmanian Community Fund grant. ARTBOX is a 20ft modified shipping container with a gallery hanging system, as well as hanging wire and hooks. It is equipped with two solar panels on the roof and lights are on a timer to continue showing exhibitions after it gets dark.

ARTBOX exhibitions change every 1-2 months and can be seen at various locations around the Huon Valley.

ARTBOX Exhibition September 2021 – The Huon | Valley of Stories

ARTBOX was completed in August 2020 and has toured the Valley ever since, with both single artists and group exhibitions on show. ARTBOX has also been used for more community minded projects with community artists too.

ARTBOX will be touring further afield in 2022, bringing Huon Valley art to other parts of Tasmania. For the current exhibition, check out our What’s On page or visit the Huon Valley Council’s ARTBOX page for details.

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Huon Valley ARTBOX

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