River Bigby

Part of the 'Harmonies of the Huon' Series

River Bigby’s first musical experience was as a 14-year-old in a hardcore metal group with his mates in southwest Queensland. River recalls that the band would jam together with guitar, drums and a microphone connected to a small 10-watt amp.

‘One day I just jumped up, grabbed the mic and started screaming,’ he says. ‘It must have sounded OK because I spent the next five years as the band’s front man!’

River loves the nomadic lifestyle and nearly 10 years ago his travels eventually led him to Tasmania.

‘I was really broke so I decided to hitchhike from Queensland to Tassie and pick strawberries. I spent a few months here than I hit the road again,’ he says.

River has travelled and played in South East Asie and around Australia. His music reflects his life journey and experiences, twisting up musical tales from time spent on the lonesome road, finding inspiration in different places, harnessing that sound then recording and sharing the music.

‘Music for me is about transitioning and changing,’ River says. ‘It’s an exploration of discovery and mastering the art of sound. My dream is to build a mobile home studio and explore Australia.’

River’s music is influenced by the Huon’s inspiring characters, landscapes and lifestyle.

‘I like being a part of a creative community where people are living an artful life, being at peace and contributing to that creative culture,’ he says.

Harmonies of the Huon: Exploring the melodies and musings of Huon Valley artists‘ is a Creative Huon series in collaboration with Huon Valley Council and Huon Valley Tas, showcasing the Huon Valley’s musical talents, their inspiration and journeys.

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