The Kiln

A unique restaurant experience in Tasmania's enchanting Huon Valley

Introducing The Kiln in Ranelagh, Tasmania – a historic building with a fascinating past. Originally owned by blacksmith Thomas Jabez Amesbury Frankcomb, the property has since been passed down through generations of the Frankcomb family.

In the early 1900s, Thomas’ son, also named Thomas Amesbury Frankcomb, planted hops along the banks of the Mountain River and converted the wooden barn into a hop kiln to dry the hops. The kiln, which eventually switched from coal to oil firing, was instrumental in the success of the Frankcomb family’s hop farm during World War II.

Aerial of The Kiln

Today, The Kiln is not only a symbol of Tasmania’s agricultural heritage but also a popular tourist attraction. It stands as a testament to the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of the Frankcomb family, who adapted to changing circumstances and continued to make a living from the land for generations. Come and immerse yourself in the history of this unique location in the Huon Valley.

Our Ethos

We are a collective of people within our community, with many diverse cultures wanting to bring you our version of hospitality.

Unique dining experience

We consider ourselves as one in mindset of ideas and inspirations. Allowing our family recipes past and present to live on within this space we call the Kiln Eatery.

Fresh locally sourced produce

We want you to celebrate the joys of shared meals and delicious food together. Our menu revolves around the concept of Mame Zala, meaning “small plates,” and features a variety of dishes inspired by global cuisines, showcasing diverse textures, tastes, richness of flavours whilst honouring individual preferences.

We use only the freshest ingredients from our local suppliers that we get to meet and chat to every day.

Our belief, trust, and conversations with our suppliers and producers are just as important as those with our customers.

Part of our ethos is to highlight the wonderful work they do in providing us with a pallet of flavours. They share the same passion in producing the very best for our menu to be at its very best for you all to taste.

Learn about hop drying from the 1900’s

We invite you to join us in our beautifully restored space, where you can enjoy delicious food, good company, and a relaxed atmosphere. We don’t follow traditional rules but instead celebrate the mixing of cultures, flavours, and company. Our menu is designed around simplicity and freshness which allows us to cater for some dietary requirements such as vegan and vegetarian options.

Co-located on the same property is Clifton Homestead, boasting six beautifully appointed rooms, perfect for those seeking a tranquil escape in the heart of the Huon Valley. Each room is elegantly furnished with a blend of contemporary and antique pieces, reflecting the character and charm of our homestead. From luxurious bedding to modern amenities, we have thoughtfully designed our rooms to ensure your stay with us is comfortable and memorable.

Our charming historic homestead

The Kiln is open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, serving an ever-changing all-day menu from Thursday to Monday, 9 AM to 4 PM. Reserve your experience at

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