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Airwalk, Forest Walks, Hang Gliding & River Rafting

Located an easy 1 hour 30 minute drive from Hobart, you have the opportunity to feel worlds away, as you wander through the tree tops of one of Tasmania’s most accessible forests.

The Experience

Tahune Airwalk

The ever popular feature attraction the Tahune Airwalk, consists of a 619 metre elevated walkway, 30 metres above the forest floor, with the final cantilever section sitting at a height of 50 metres above the Huon River.

Spectacular views showcasing the meeting of the mighty Huon and Picton rivers can be enjoyed. In the distance, peaks and beyond can be seen highlighting the edge of the wild southwest, Tasmanian’s Wilderness World Heritage Area.

To reach the start of the Air Walk you’ll gradually ascend 104 steps, with places to sit and rest along the way. We also offer disabled access – please enquire at the Tahune Adventures ticket office.

Basic fitness is required to complete the Air Walk. The full return journey takes about 50 minutes – more if you stop for photographs, spot bird life, or pause to enjoy the clean, fresh scents of the forest. 

Air Walk tickets can be purchased online or at the Tahune Adventures visitor centre.

Ticket is a day pass and includes access to all walks on site.

Swinging Bridges

Feel the power of nature as the Huon and Picton Rivers rush beneath your feet, on two swinging bridges suspended from the riverbanks.

The Huon Bridge extends over 100 metres over the Huon River. Once you’ve crossed the first bridge, take a two-minute walk to where the rivers meet and look down the river for a view of the Air Walk’s cantilever.

The Picton Swing Bridge extends 62 metres across the Picton River below and will take you back to solid ground to continue your adventure on the Tahune Reserve. Then view the ruins of the house occupied by Police Constable Francis McPartlan, a former Irish convict whose duty it was to walk the trail to the remote Arthur Range to check timber licenses.

Allow 1 hour to complete the Swinging Bridges loop.

The Swinging Bridges Walk is included in your entry ticket to the Tahune Adventures site. 

Visitor Centre and Cafe

Meet the friendly staff at the Visitor Centre, find out all you need to know about your visit to Tahune Adventures and book adventure experiences – Air Walk, Eagle Hang Gliding and Twin Rivers Rafting.

The adjacent Bluestone Shelter is available to book for private events for up to 50 people. Pause for a snack, light meal, tea, coffee or ice cream in front of the wood fire, or taste the Huon Valley’s cool-climate wines and local cider. Don’t forget to browse in the gift shop for a unique Huon pine souvenir.

Huon Pine Walk

Enjoy a short, easy and tranquil stroll along the riverbank to discover the world’s most accessible stand of rare and beautiful Huon pines.

Small prams or pushers and walking frames can be used on the Huon Pine walk.  The narrow boardwalk is not suitable for wheelchairs but staff on site can direct you to a more accessible section of the track.

Allow 20 minutes to complete the Huon Pine walk.

The Huon Pine Walk is included in your entry ticket to the Tahune Adventures site.

Taking in views on the Huon Pine Walk.

Eagle Hang Gliding

Thrill seekers shouldn’t miss the Eagle Hang Gliding adventure, feeling the wind beneath your wings as you glide smoothly through tall forests and across the Huon River.

The securely cable-controlled hang glider whisks you from the forest floor, 250 metres across the Huon River, to a launching point 50 metres in the air. A thrilling 400-metre return glide across the Huon River. The flight is exciting – and cable controlled for safety.  No pilots licence needed!

Gliding across the Huon River

Twin Rivers Rafting

Tahune Adventures have partnered with King River Rafting to deliver more of Tasmania’s best river adventures.  Suitable for the whole family this wonderful trip includes entry to the Tahune Adventure site.

An amazing new way to discover Tasmania’s spectacular wild places – paddling, drifting and splashing on a raft or kayak through bouncy rapids and quiet stretches of the Picton and Huon Rivers.

The 3.5 hour trip covers four kilometres of fun on the twin rivers – led by your skilled and experienced guide, it’s a mix of thrills and excitement, relaxation and laid-back enjoyment! This is an on-water experience that everyone can enjoy.

Rafting on the Huon and Picton Rivers

Accommodation and Camping

Tahune Adventures offers Lodge, Cabin and Camping options.

See the following links for more information:

Tahune Lodge

Tahune Cabin

Camping, RV’s, Motor Homes and Camping Trailers

River. Forest. Sky. Recovery.

A large area of Tasmania’s southern forests burnt in early 2019. It left some areas on site untouched, some completely burnt out, and some partially impacted. The AirWalk itself, and many of the giant trees surrounding it, remain unaffected.

Recovering from the 2019 Bushfires

We look forward to welcoming you to Tahune Adventures.

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