Rasa Jangala

Part of the 'Harmonies of the Huon' Series

Rasa Jangala caused a sensation at the recent Cygnet Folk Festival when the seven-year-old took to the stage and performed his original pieces Good as Green and The Lego Song.

‘I wrote Good as Green because I care about saving the environment,’ Rasa says.

Creating music and poetry brings him joy and simply makes him happy.

‘My favourite singer is Jack Black because he’s a really good singer and he’s funny,’ Rasa says.

When I point out to Rasa that he’s really good looking in his red hat and multi-coloured overalls, he fires back a quick reply that makes me chuckle.

‘Yes I know’ he says. ‘Other people have told me that for a long time!’

Rasa performs The Lego Song for me and I’m amazed how his tiny fingers contort to make the correct chords.

He wants to move up from the ukelele to a 3/4 guitar and take some lessons.

‘I really enjoy the festival and all the interesting and kind people who have encouraged and praised me for my songs,’ Rasa says. ‘I feel at home on-stage.’

He tells me that he’s working on two new original songs and I’m looking forward to seeing this talented youngster perform at next year’s festival.

Harmonies of the Huon: Exploring the melodies and musings of Huon Valley artists‘ is a Creative Huon series in collaboration with Huon Valley Council and Huon Valley Tas, showcasing the Huon Valley’s musical talents, their inspiration and journeys.

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